» You know what i want? I want to go to a hetastuck meetup.

in all seriousness you guys i want to go to a hetalia and homestuck friendly meetup and have fun

i mean we have this new found bromance but we do nothing with it!

i want to go hang out in my hetalia cosplay with my fellow nations and homestuckers. i want to pin the glasses on the bro, do photoshoots, trade cosplay and con stories, figure out which characters would have a great friendship. i wanna be surrounded by trolls, nations, alpha kids, the axis, beta kids, ancients, ancestors, the allies, etc, and have a good time damn it!

i know hetalians who have had bad experiences with homestuck and vice versa and refuse to be around the other. i think a meet up like this would be a great chance for MATURE (meaning: can behave and not act a fool) cosplayers from two close fandoms to have fun together.

so my question for you hetalians and homestuckers is do you think this is a good idea? can we, in the spirit of fandom peace, have a meet up where everyone has a good time?